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Alphatots for second language learners (ESL)

If your child speaks a language that is not English but you would like to help them with speaking and reading English, then Alphatots is for you!

There are two key elements of reading English that are important: Comprehension and Decoding.  Alphatots classes address both of these elements.


Comprehension (understanding the words that you hear or read).

At Alphatots Sounds & Signs, the focus is on listening and verbal comprehension.  A combination of vocal language, sound effects, and visual prompts (both in pictures and with real objects) help the children to develop an understanding of what is going on and what certain English words mean.  These classes are aimed at 0-2 year olds but we regularly include older children so please feel free to come along if your little one would benefit!

Decoding (fitting together the letters of a word to work out what it says).

This is what Alphatots Phonics and Alphatots Wordsmiths classes are all about.  In these sessions we focus on the sounds that letters of the alphabet make in English.  This is particularly beneficial for children whose native tongue does not include some of the sounds that occur in English!  Parents who also speak English as a second language particularly appreciate these sessions as it helps both them and their children to learn the correct pronunciation as well as matching it to the grapheme (the letter as it is written down).  Even English natives sometimes find the phonics pronunciations of certain letters difficult!


This is important for adults and children alike!  Most Alphatots sessions include a chance to relax, play, and chat - great for getting to know other people who live nearby!  Children and adults have become good friends through meeting at Alphatots sessions, even going to each others' birthday parties sometimes!  Whether you are new to the area/country or have lived here a long time, it's always good to meet new people who share a common interest!

Classes in Altrincham, Didsbury, Sale, Urmston,

& Wilmslow