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Alphatots Sounds and Signs (0-2 year olds)

Sign, Listen, Speak!

Playful sessions that develop communication skills in our very youngest tots!


For babies and toddlers, these fun classes aid language development, listening skills, and phonological awareness (the early years foundation skills needed for learning to read), as well as developing social skills such as turn-taking and confidence-building.

A fun mixture of sign-language, spoken language, games, songs, and silly sound effects, that stimulates little minds and ears as we introduce them to a different theme each week. Little ones will be mesmerised by funny sound effects, tickled pink by friendly puppets, excited by the Magic Box, fascinated by our themed stories, delighted with the jingly-jangly instruments, and entertained by our lively songs and parachute games!  Grown-ups will learn baby sign-language, gain ideas for developing toddlers’ fine motor skills (for writing when their child is older), and enjoy seeing their child develop language and listening skills!

All our stimulating activities help the little ones develop phonological awareness.  A perfect foundation for when they're ready to move onto our Alphatots Phonics class and learn to read letters of the alphabet! 

These sessions are aimed at babies and children aged 1 and 2, but older children and siblings will have fun joining in too!

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Ready for the next stage?  Come to Alphatots Phonics!

"Alphatots is a revolutionary way to entertain and teach kids at the same time! My little one is fascinated by the lights, the story time, the music and the different themed toy set up, different every week! He’s a little explorer and he’s getting more sociable and enthusiastic about the class! Thank you Claire for all your hard work! We really enjoy our location and atmosphere."

Sign Language - a first step in communicating

At Alphatots Sounds & Signs sessions our youngest tots enjoy activities that develop one of the most exciting milestones there is: talking!  Babies have so much to communicate to us - they frequently want to tell us when they're hungry, hot, cold, or just want to go home!  But working out what it is they're trying to tell us before they can speak can be very challenging (not to mention frustrating for both baby and adult).  That's where sign language can help!  At Alphatots Sounds & Signs we teach a new sign each week that will help you and your baby to talk to each other before they can talk - a great frustration-buster for babies and adults alike!  And far from hindering the development of spoken language, research actually shows that it helps as children gain confidence in others understanding them: win-win!

Listening skills & phonological awareness

Believe it or not, the first step to being able to read is being able to listen!  Specifically, being able to distinguish between different sounds - this is the foundation for being able to distinguish between letter sounds.  Alphatots Sounds & Signs sessions have a lot of basis in the Department for Education's early years Phase 1 Phonics programme.  This uses instrumental sounds, percussive (body) sounds (eg clapping), and environmental sounds as a route towards reading skills.

Phonological awareness refers mainly to the ability to recognise rhyming words and syllables within words.  Again these skills are a great help when it comes to reading when children are ready for that.  At Alphatots Sounds & Signs we incorporate fun ways of developing that recognition, which work on different levels for the different ages of children joining in.  Babies will simply enjoy hearing the sounds, younger toddlers will start to recognise the similarities, and older toddlers may be able to predict for themselves!

Speaking skills

After signing and listening comes speaking!  Repetition is the key here, but of course at Alphatots we make it fun!  Fun songs, rhymes that we repeat together throughout Alphatots Sounds & Signs sessions, and not-to-mention puppets all encourage our youngest tots to join in with speaking when they're ready.

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