• Claire

Alphatots Closing... for now at least...

🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉

I have made a New Year's Resolution: to be a better Mum. In order to achieve that I have come to the conclusion that I need to put an end to Alphatots sessions for the time being.

2019 saw Alphatots grow and grow, with 0-5 year olds attending three different levels of class and sessions running every day of the week in different locations. Lots of lovely participants were even kind enough to vote in the Hoop Awards, resulting in Alphatots winning a Hoop Runner Up Award! 🏆

All this has been incredibly rewarding but has required a lot of time and effort 'behind the scenes'. Time spent with family saw me distracted by all the things needing to be done for Alphatots - in 2020 the time has come to put them first again.

It has been a huge pleasure getting to know everyone who's come to Alphatots, and an honour to see the little ones grow, gain confidence, and develop some amazing skills. The people who come to Alphatots sessions are the best - as are your high fives! ✋🙋‍♀️ Thank you all so much for being involved and making the sessions such a treat to run. 💕

If things change in the future, who knows? Maybe Alphatots sessions will return! But for now, I'll leave you with this...

Goodbye goodbye everyone, thanks for joining in the fun! Alphatots is finished now, so stretch up tall and take a bow! 💗