• Claire

Baby sign language is not just for babies!

Many people think that when children have mastered speech then sign language is no longer needed... But it can still be a really useful tool!

Think of all the times that you're out with your toddler, preschooler, or even school-age child, when making yourself heard is difficult or awkward. You might be across the other side of a play ground from them, or walking down a crowded street where raising your voice might be a little embarrassing, or you might be sitting watching your child participate in a group activity... Being able to communicate without the whole world hearing you shout 'stop!' or 'time to go' can be very handy!

I've just been at gymnastics with my 5 year old and found myself signing to him several times. Firstly to stay where he was, as during the warm up he was backing away from the group to come over to me; then to slow down when he was knocking into other children when going too fast, and then 'well done' when he did really well on the high bar. I wouldn't want to have shouted all those things across the gym to him!

You can learn a new sign each week at Alphatots Sounds and Signs - they'll stand you in good stead for years to come!