• Claire

Left Right, Left Right!

Learning our abc's is great - but it's not the only skill children need in order to read. They also need to have a grasp of how writing works and how letters are put together...

When sharing books with babies (as often as you can!), there are various ways you can help them to know how they work... showing them which way is the right way up, pointing out details in the illustrations, and turning pages with them so they learn that books are read from the front to the back.

As they get a little older, a great thing to do is to trace over the text with you finger, to show little ones that English is written from left to right (rather than top to bottom like Chinese) - this is called Directional Tracking.  This is a key skill we need in order to read - after all, we can't put the letter sounds together in the correct order otherwise!

Left, right, left right, left right, left right, left...!

If there are other particular things you would like tips on relating to phonics and learning to read, pop it in the comments section below. Happy Reading!