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Alphatots Wordsmiths

(3-5 year olds)

The next level in frolicking phonics fun!

Come and play with Ronnie Robot and friends as they learn to read three-letter words! These super-fun classes are for children who are already confident in knowing all the sounds of the alphabet, and moves them onto the exciting next level of being able to read all by themselves!


As with our other Alphatots classes, there are no desks in sight - this is still all about having fun so we'll be running around finding mystery objects, meeting friendly creatures, singing silly songs, and playing creative games. Every week will also include a craft to take-away... which we will also decorate by writing letters on all by ourselves.  This is when the children can feel really proud that they have actually started reading and writing!

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Learning to read through phonics blending & segmenting 

At Alphatots Wordsmiths sessions we use synthetic phonics, which is a method of teaching the sounds that letters (or groups of letters) make, and then how they sound when they fit together ('synthesise') to form words.  This differs from teaching the names of the letters first and expecting children to simply remember what whole words look like.  In this way, children learn how to 'decode' words so that they can read any word, no matter whether they have come across it before or not.  In Alphatots Wordsmiths classes we help 3-5 year olds learn to 'blend' letter sounds together into short words, and to 'segment' words (to break the words they hear into individual sounds in order to be able to spell them).  See more information below in 'Why teach my child phonics'.

"Alphatots has been our favourite preschool class, my little boy absolutely loves it and adores Claire. His nursery has commented on how much the class has helped him with his phonics. He has become very confident in his early reading skills because of it."