ABCs have never been so much fun!

[If your child is not yet ready for this class, try Alphatots Sounds & Signs!

If your child already knows all the letter sounds, come to Alphatots Wordsmiths!]

These sessions for 2-4 year olds have the children giggling, playing, and entranced... all while learning the sound of a new letter of the alphabet each week! With a fun new theme every session and creative activities (we might be pilfering pirates, or relaxing at the beach, or making magic milkshakes), Alphatots Phonics classes are a great way to help your little one develop early reading skills. We sing songs with fun actions to help them remember the sound each letter makes, listen to engaging and interactive stories, meet puppets, play active games, and do crafts that help strengthen little fingers ready for writing! The sessions are very relaxed and friendly, with time for the grown-ups to chill out with a cuppa while listening to some happy family tunes (move over nursery rhymes, our music will have you tapping your feet as much as the little ones) and have the little ones play with toys. So what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun!

Generally speaking, many children can learn to read letters from the age of 3 but there are some who are ready earlier than that so if you feel that they are then feel free to bring them along from age 2. If they are not yet ready, they'll have a great time (and learn great skills) at Alphatots Signs & Sounds.


To benefit effectively from the classes they will need to be able to understand and follow instructions, as well as speak in simple sentences themselves.


Ready for the next stage?  Come to Alphatots Wordsmiths!  

Alphatots Phonics

(2-4 year olds)

Classes in Altrincham, Didsbury, Sale, Urmston,

& Wilmslow